How To Write A CV – The Career Section

How to write the career section on your CV

You need to focus on what matters:
– You need to write in reverse chronological order.
– Specify the dates you worked for each organisation.
– Specify your job title. E.g Head of Sales
– Specify the name of the organisation you worked for, along with its location.
– Give a compelling description of what your role entailed.
Top tip: Always, always include any un-paid, voluntary or temporary employment. It can be a valuable addition to your CV.

How to write the career section of your writing CV.

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Career Example:

Career Summary

2006 to date, Sales Manager Example Shop plc, Manchester.

– Playing a key role within large retailer, tasked with redevelopment of sales across the UK market.
– Planning and executing innovative campaigns, including direct mail and telesales.
– Personally cold calling to bring in high profile – and credit worthy new clients.
– Liasing with clients to agree product specifications, sale prices and lead times.
– Building mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers, negotiating terms and discounts.

Remember, if you are going to write your CV by yourself then you need to get it right as you only have 30 seconds to attract an employers attention.

If you don’t want to do it by yourself then consider a CV writing service.

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