CV Writing. How To Write A CV

CV writing is probably the only aspect of your job hunt that you have complete control. Therefore, is a tool which must be finely tuned. Before beginning the CV writing, decide if it will be a general theme, or if it will be geared toward a specific company. You may choose to do it yourself, or seek the help of a CV writing service. Whatever you choose, you will want it to look as polished as possible, since it is your key to getting an interview at a company you’d like to work for.

Do your research

Do some homework on the company at which you want to apply.  Research the position you will be vying for. Find out what qualities these companies want in an employee. You’ll want to take note of these, and mention any qualities you have which fit. You will also want to mention any awards or certificates you have earned in that field, or any special training you have had.

Know the Layout

A sloppy CV or one that is too long or too short won’t get you any points with prospective employers. All the CV writing services stress that 2-3 page is perfect. Put your current contact information at the top, including your email address. After that comes the profile or introduction part of the CV. This is where you put your qualifications and also your objectives. Let them know what you can do for them.  The first page should highlight your strengths. Your academic history does not have to come first. If you have achieved more in your career, put that before your educational information. The last part of the CV writing should be about your interests outside of work.

Be Positive

Make sure your CV shines with positivity. Without being overly boastful, try to portray a positive attitude and outlook. Whilst you should list your achievements and qualifications, avoid using the word “I” too often. Employers look at CVs all day. They like to see something fresh and new. That may seem difficult to achieve, but a positive attitude goes a long way.

CV writing isn’t difficult for the most part. Many people however, find it hard to describe themselves or “talk” about their qualities. If this is the case, a CV Writing Service can help you through that. You may want to make up several different CVs for different companies or positions for which you want to apply. When a good position opens up, you want to be ready!

So, if you can’t be bothered to write a CV we recommend checking out our top cv writing services.

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