How To Write A Great CV!

The perfect CV is something every job seeker aspires to achieve, or at least they should.

This search for the Holy Grail of job searching takes a lot of elements in account, and some variables make it impossible to write down a fool-proof list.

Looking on the bright side: if everyone had the perfect CV, employers wouldn’t have a chance to see who stands out or not. Luckily enough, not everyone has the perfect CV so if you can get yours up to scratch – you have a great chance of getting the interview.

The road to a perfect CV relies on flexibility, patience, and development.

Like a baby, you have to raise and tailor your CV as you go so that it improves steadily.

Do this even when you are employed, and update it often – the results will pay off handsomely.

How To Write A Great CV!

1. To understand the employer, you must become the employer.

When writing a CV, think what would an employer like to see in there.

Two things are guaranteed to be asked:

– Can you do the job

– Are you suitable for the company?

Your CV must always clearly answer these questions, and you should tailor your CV for every different position and company you apply to.

2. Mind your language!

Using safe for work language is a no-brainer, but also watch out for some subtleties you might not have been aware of. The keyword is objectivity.

Spare the hiring manager’s time and effort, and keep your sentences as short as possible.

If something needs explaining or expanding in your CV, save that for your interview. Use simple and direct words, don’t use jargons. Do not refer to yourself as “I” or by name.

Remember, numbers speak louder than words, and are much easier to read. If something can be quantified, turn those sentences into numbers. DON’T USE CAPS LOCK.

Keep headings and highlighted bits bolded instead. 

3. ‘You better work’

When writing out the experience section, remember to always list a promotion as a new, separate position.

Do not list your previous/current job’s description, but rather why is this position relevant to the one you are applying for.

If your CV exceeds two pages, something’s wrong – go back, re-read it and shorten it.

If you spent some time without a job, explain what you did during these periods and what have you gained from the experience of spending time out of work.

Did you become a great parent? Did you study? Did you travel and learn about different cultures? Did you help your mother when she was sick?

4. Use At Least Two Brains To Create The Perfect CV 

By the time you’re done with the CV, you have probably seen it enough times your eyes are used to any typo or grammar mistake you’ve made.

Don’t trust your word processor: things like ‘form’ instead of ‘from’ and the likes will slip straight through to your recruiter, who is likely to be unimpressed by them.

Get a friend, a relative, a co-worker, an advisor, anyone with basic literacy skills to read through your CV a couple of times before you send it.

Small mistakes may cost you the job.

In short, the perfect CV is made of attention and being careful. Follow these steps religiously, match the CV to the job’s needs and your chances will be high.

Still Can’t Write The Perfect CV On Your Own?

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