How to tailor your CV for part time jobs

Competition for part time jobs is always tough, so to ensure you stand out, it’s important to highlight your skills, studies and previous relevant experience in the correct way.

Firstly, it’s important to get all the CV writing basics right when you’re applying for part-time jobs. That involves limiting your CV to only one or two pages, using a clear and easy to read font which is used consistently and avoiding lengthy paragraphs of text. Ideally your job responsibilities should be explained in a series of bullet points consisting of 2 sentences.

For part-time jobs, the most crucial rule to remember is to tailor the CV for the type of jobs you are applying for. This CV should highlight your relevant work experience, as well as emphasise the transferable skills you have gained. A CV that is written using these principles is much more likely to secure a part-time job than a standard CV that you use to apply for every part-time role you’re interested in.

Through your CV, you should aim to explain your current and previous responsibilities and the skills you acquired, using evidence to support these statements. Highlight all your successes and achievements and seek to prove why you would be an asset for the employer within the particular role you’re applying for.

Essentially, via your CV, an employer or recruiter is checking whether your skills, person qualities and experience match the job advert and personal specification for the part-time job. Give examples of when you have used relevant skills.

If you get the basics right and tailor your CV carefully for each part-time position you apply for, you’re likely to stand a much better chance than your competition who perhaps won’t have demonstrated so much care and attentiveness to detail in regards to their CV writing.

We wish you great luck in finding the part time job that suits you and your life.

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