Free CV Reviews – Where can I get a free CV review?

Where can I get a free CV review?

There are two places we recommend that you get a CV review. Top CV and The CV Centre.

These are the top two services that we recommend for this.

A free CV review will see if your CV is fit for purpose and tell you what changes you need to make to pass the 10-second test that employers will give you!

You need to be a positive fit in their eyes for you to even get on the ‘maybe’ pile for an interview. In that read through they will give your CV a little more time and you have a chance at getting an interview.

Depending on your industry, the employment market is often difficult and that means you have to give yourself the best chance possible. A well-written CV and also LinkedIn profile will give you so many more opportunities than one that isn’t.

Getting a free CV review can also help you get a job quicker. Why? Well if you improve your CV and you pass the 10-second employer test then you can get an interview quicker, which in turn you will get paid quicker, or move to a job you like faster – improving your life. This is a great reason to get a free professional CV review.

Check out the free CV reviews from The CV Centre and Top CV

We wish you the best of luck in your job search and if you need help with your job interview then we recommend checking out our job interview Q & A – these are the most common questions potential candidates come up against in an interview.